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"..Those strings were vibrating even before her bow caressed them. This was extremely heartfelt Brahms…Ms. Donkova did an excellent job of phrasing and pacing throughout. In the Andante, the flowing melodies were ribbons of infinitude; by mid-movement, her violin was weeping, as were several members of the audience. ..I welcomed this highly emotive music-making. "
Laura Engels music critic / WAZ Jornal / Germany

An image of a grate sensibility was transmitted by the violinist Lilia Donkova …she made  true justice of her reputation.….The Bulgarian violinist played the Spring Sonata in F Major by Beethoven with inspiration and sensibility, creating a peaceful and joyful atmosphere….In Brahms, Donkova again transmitted the character of this work in a very impressive way…

Alexandro Fernandez / music critic
El Norte Mexico

Ms.Lilia Donkova performed the "Violin Concerto No. 5" with perfect technical and instrumental skills, and with purity and beauty of the sound. Admirable at all times was the phrasing and the style.


José d’Encarnação / Cyberjornal

…But the applauses were even longer, at the end of the first part, for the Bulgarian violinist Lilia Donkova, and Russian Anastasia Kobekina, on the cello, as soloists of the Brahms Double concerto. They established among themselves, as soloists, a dialogue, which, as we may say, must be seen and heard - by the joy, devotion, virtuosity and the very high professional level of playing!”


Boyanka Arnaudova /Jornal Cultura /Sofia

…Wonderful performance by Lilia Donkova – granddaughter of the great pedagogue and famous Bulgarian composer Bentzion Eliezer. She possesses not only marvellous sound and technique but also great presence on stage. She penetrates the profoundness of the piece and in a flexible declamation she manages expressing the narrative character of the music for which are necessary many qualities


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